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  Sabina Louise Pierce ~

Im a photographer born and based in Philadelphia who has spent the last twenty years shooting for some of the finest newspaper, magazines and corporate clients. I love creating images  from environmental portraits, food, news, business, medicine, fine art & fashion and animals, books and murals. Basically where ever my eye takes me.

I was awarded Time Magazine’s “ Best Photographs” in 2006 & “Best photographers of 2007” by the American Society of Media Photographers for my iconic images of Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro.

Photography is My passion. It's what gets me up in the morning and what I dream of at night.
Documenting, reacting, capturing, and creating what happens in front of me is play...pure play, and I am lucky, no blessed that I can make a living doing what I love.

I picked up my first camera when I was 8, took a photo of my little pony close-up and contorted. Though after getting that photo back from the lab it wasn't like any photo I'd ever seen, so at 8 years old I decided photography wasn't a career for me. I tore it up, put down the camera and never picked one up again.

Looking back, I wish I had kept that photo.

10 years later while at university I signed up for basic photography and to this day I will always remember the photograph that changed my life - two soccer players, a ball, a line, and a ref ready to snap his flag. It captured me, enraptured me and I've never looked back

Commercial Clients



Verizon Wireless


Campbell's Soup



Ronald McDonald House

TD Bank

Astra Zeneca



The Body Shop

Enterprise Rent a car


The University of Pennsylvania Medical School

Penn Vet

Temple University

Media Clients

The New York Times

The Associated Press

The New York Daily News

The Wall st. Journal

The Christian Science Monitor

Philadelphia Daily News

PR Week

MM magazine

The Chronicle for Higher Education

Health Affairs Journal

University of Pennsylvania's Penn Gazette magazine

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The New York Times

The Christian Science Monitor




Vanity Fair

Sports Illustrated


The Wall st . Journal

The NY Daily News

Philadelphia Inquirer

Philadelphia Daily News


Washington Post

San Francisco Examiner

Germany's Glick

Australia's Good Weekend Magazine


NBC sports


The Culinary Canine - 2012

my unique photo-journalistic eye creates a fresh style for editorial,environmental portraits, documentary, corporate, public relations, marketing and fine art. Captured in Philadelphia and beyond... "Best of American Society of Media Photographers Time magazine's "Best photos of the year"